|| How To || Top 3 Tips for an Easy Royal Wedding Celebration

Fascinator?  Check. 
Garden dress?  (or floral housecoat)  Check.
Mimosas to celebrate?  Double check.

With the Royal Wedding only days away, there is still time to put together a little treat for yourself and those that will be watching the ceremony and the big day.  Inspired by our favourite part of brunch, and English 'high-tea'; take a peek at some tips and ideas on how to set up the perfect early morning breakfast and mimosa bar. 


1)  Have a variety

Smaller fruits and berries, such as raspberries and blackberries make a perfect addition to any sparkling glass of bubbly.   Get creative, and try a combination of fruit for great flavour, and a beautiful glass.

2)  Think outside the bubbly

It's not mandatory to just drink sparkling wine or champagne for a delicious mimosa.  Lighten up your favourite brunch drink by trying an Ironwood Cider mimosa.  Pour a small amount of fresh orange juice into a flute shaped glass, and top with either Ironwood Original Cider, or our new Session Oak Cider.

Someone not drinking?  Will the kids be joining?  Feel as special as the bride by topping your morning OJ with a little sparkling water or Perrier.

ironwood cider royal brunch

3)  Don't forget the breakfast

Quick and easy, smaller options are perfect for days and occasions like this.  Keep it simple by offering mini croissants, egg salad, scones, jams, or even easy (yet fancy) cucumber sandwiches.  




-  RB