Fruits of the Circle by Vick Naresh

August 7- 31


Vick Naresh is a contemporary artist currently living and working in Hamilton, Canada. His ongoing body of work is an exploration in figurative abstraction that delves into metaphorical narratives tackling social contemporary & personal themes around displacement, belonging & identity.

Naresh’s practice is guided by a recognizable, yet undefined language of qualifying imagery mixed in with geometric configurations & representations of imaginary environments further expanded with the use of visceral colour harmonies. These works index moments of reflection in an immaterial universe, attempting to comprehend the ethereal while superimposing layered memories.

Drawing from a background in graphic design, his works are digitally informed while engaging more classical painting tropes and techniques through their ultimate execution onto canvas. Multi-layered compositions reflect the cumulation of Naresh’s memories as they are translated into painted form.

Select exhibitions include 19 Karen Gallery in Brisbane, Australia, The Art Gallery of Burlington, Hamilton Artists Inc. & The Art Gallery of Hamilton. Naresh’s paintings have been widely acquired by private collectors all over Canada, The USA, Europe, The Middle East & Asia.

(Arrived) I come in peace

(arrived), I come in peace is a reflection on the immigrant journey and
its navigation of societal predispositions. It hopes to illustrate the
often cliched trials in conformity and isolation experienced to fit into
a new equivalent while the consensus of opinions remains unaware of an
immigrant’s path to self-persistence. Ultimately it is the coherence of
solitude in knowing one’s place in the universe that hopes to provide
the recognition of a future on ‘arrival’ into a new reality.

King Nothing

This piece is an experimentation in layered juxtaposition of textures
and mediums - finally arriving at a composition with many intricate
parts. The bold colours and block shapes is representational of the
polarity in ideas surrounding human led consumption & waste.