Tired of being stuck at home? Looking for a new way to spice up your Friday night? Grab our DIY Tasting Pack, and follow along with this guide for an at home tasting experience!







*The tasting kit is for 2-4 people, depending how thirsty you are*

AT HOME Tasting experience

The best part of an at home tasting is that you get to set it up the way you want, take as long (or little) as you want, and enjoy it at your own pace. There is no wrong way to do a DIY tasting.

As a general rule, you want to move from dry to sweet & from lighter to funkier flavours.

Fun fact: with wine tasting the proper technique is to spit it out after tasting it, but since cider is lighter and lower alcohol the proper technique is to actually drink it. So go ahead and pour your tastings (don't be shy), then we will guide you through the flavours.


We are starting with Kirmizi because it's very dry and pretty light. The name Kirmizi is actually the Turkish word for Red, and we use that name because the grapes used in Kirmizi come from a vineyard owned by a Turkish family.

Kirmizi is a Piquette, which is traditionally a vineyard workers drink. It is made by fermenting the grapes all together (skin, seeds, everything), then you press the grapes (which is the process for red wine). But for a piquette, the vineyard workers would add water to the leftover pulp, let it sit for a day or two then press it again. Essentially this would create a naturally made red wine spritzer.

SUMMARY: a nice light red wine spritzer, about 5% alcohol, dry.


Next we will try our Session cider, which is one of our modern ciders. What classifies something as a modern style cider is the production method. Our modern ciders are made on going, in a consistent controlled style.

Session is a slightly lighter cider, with a little less sugar, less alcohol, and is very dry. We call it session because if you were going to have a drinking session, this would be the choice since it's lighter and therefore more drinkable.

SUMMARY: Lighter, extra dry, lower alcohol.


Original is our OG cider. It is another one of our modern style ciders. This is probably what you think of when you think of classic hard cider. This tastes like a traditional English dry cider. It has a little bit of sweetness balanced with excellent acidity. The best part about this cider is you can grab it at your local LCBO.

SUMMARY: traditional cider, dry, well balanced, our OG.


Now we are switching into our artisanal products. These products are typically made as a one-off, unique to the year, the growing conditions, the fermentation process etc. They often use wild yeast, which produces a ferment that is less predictable and more complex. Our artisanal products are also bottle conditioned, which means after aging they go through a secondary fermentation process right in the bottle- very similar to champagne.

Heritage is our NEWEST release. It is a farmhouse scrumpy, made using all Ontario apples. A scrumpy traditionally means it was made with rough apples. In present day, it has basically come to mean small batch, locally produced.

SUMMARY: this is a new release, very complex, bottle fermented, a must try for cider nerds.


This is also an artisanal product of ours, and is very unique.

This is described as a funky cider, which refers to an interesting complex earthy profile often found with wild fermented drinks. Foraged is made with all local apples. This drink gets its name from the botanicals it's infused with- foraged right from our property. In particular it has steeped sumac tea, and lemon-thyme.

SUMMARY- funky, botanical infused, wild fermented, very unique.