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Looking for the perfect mulled wine recipe to warm you up after a full day spent outdoors? Look no further. We have put together the Mulled Wine Trio Pack - simply heat up, add some spice and enjoy. PS keep reading to learn our SECRET to the PERFECT mulled wine.

Spices are essential for mulled wine. They're really what give you that true mulled wine flavour. There are a bunch of spices you can use (we've listed all below). However, since the wines in our mulled pack already have some additional flavours, the recipe will still taste great even if you stick to the basics- like cinnamon and cloves. Once you pick which spices you'll use, combine them in your pot or carafe.

The next step is to heat up the wine. You want to be careful with this step since you DO NOT want the wine to boil. If you boil it, all of the alcohol will evaporate (which is definitely not the goal here). So how do you heat it up? You can heat it on the stove or in the microwave if you make sure to watch it closely. But our SECRET TIP for making the perfect mulled wine is using the carafe from your coffee maker. Don't put it through the coffee maker, just combine your ingredients in the carafe and turn the machine on. After about 20 minutes your wine should reach the perfect temperature and will NEVER boil. This is also a great hack to have your mulled wine ready and waiting for you when you come inside.



**Cinnamon - 3 sticks

**Cloves - 10 cloves

Star Anise- 2

All Spice - 1 teaspoon

Nutmeg- 1 teaspoon

Bay Leaves - 1

Black Pepper- a sprinkle

Orange Zest

Honey- To taste


Spiced Apple


2/3 Maple Apple

1/3 Cranberry

Combine all ingredients and warm- do not boil. Adjust to taste. ENJOY!