Ironwood Cider is a Niagara-on-the-Lake based pureplay cider producer. It offers a diverse lineup of modern, artisanal, and vintage ciders made from local Ontario apples. Its products can be found in LCBO, groceries, licensed establishments, and through its own online and retail outlet.

Ironwood Cider aims to be the most progressive cider producer in Ontario after unveiling it’s new branding, which focuses on creating synergy between artisanal creations and diversity found in local communities.

Ironwood, which began as a single SKU cider label under Sunnybrook Farm Estate Winery, will now be taking over the estate. Small production of its existing Sunnybrook fruit wines will continue, but the focus is geared toward cider production.

Initially beginning from a curiosity about cider and propelled by the growth in popularity of the beverage, Ironwood Cider quickly came to the forefront as well as the vision of a welcoming cider house that would be a key destination in Niagara.

“For years we’ve planned to expand our facility to truly untap our potential for cider production and to provide a visit-worthy experience for people interested in learning more about craft cider, so it was important to us to take the time to ensure the new Ironwood was reflective of our core values and purpose; to welcome everyone and to bring people together,” said Richard Liu, the Proprietor of Ironwood Cider. “Curiosity is at the core of the new Ironwood brand because it is curiosity that allows meaningful connections to the people and places that surround us. It is important to us to not only be inclusive, but to celebrate what makes us unique and learn from others in the community.”

This curiosity allows Ironwood to be versatile and engage in all kinds of interesting cider products, whether it be wild fermented farmhouse ciders, ciders made from exotic European apple varietals, or unique flavours that can be found in different cultures. As part of their community focus, Ironwood is working with local artists to showcase their artwork and provide a platform to share their stories.

“We’re inspired by the many diverse and talented local artists, that like us, are guided by a passion for their craft. We will be collaborating with up to five artists per year to feature on our labels, where we will also showcase their work inside the cider house. Working with only a select few artists each year allows us to highlight each individual and share their unique stories, inspiration and what they they’re curious about,” said Marketing Manager, Megan Voth.

Over the next few months, Ironwood will be completing the cider house interior and preparing to welcome guests to the facility, which includes a large tasting space, a private event space and lounge, as well as a large outdoor patio surrounded by the beautiful Sunnybrook Farm orchards. The planned opening is in the spring but will depend on COVID restrictions.

Until then, cider is available for local pick-up and online orders across Canada. New products will be released beginning this month, each one very distinct from the next. Ciders are crafted using only 100% grown Ontario apples and locally sourced ingredients. Sunnybrook fruit wines will still be available for sale online and for tasting at the cider house.