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Q:  Is Ironwood Cider Gluten Free?

Yes.  We do not use any products or additives that contain wheat, barley, or other gluten containing sources.


Q:  Is Ironwood Cider Vegan?

Yes.  We do not use any products or fining agents that are derived from animal sources in the production process of our ciders.


Q: What is the nutrition information for Ironwood Cider?

Each can of Ironwood Cider has approximately 250 calories, and 12g of natural sugar.  Seasonal selections of cider have approximately 250-300 calories and 12-18g of sweetness per 473ml (volume of 1 can).


Q: Is Ironwood Cider available in the LCBO?

Yes.  Ironwood Original cider is available in cans in LCBO stores.  Find a store here.


Q: Are seasonal ciders available in the LCBO?

No.  Our small-batch seasonal ciders are not currently available through the LCBO, as we do not can or bottle them.  Seasonal ciders can be purchased by either the "growler" or "howler" (half-growler) format at our retail location in Niagara-on-The-Lake.  However, keep an eye on us as we grow, we have plans to can/bottle seasonal ciders in the future.