Open daily 11-6.

Flights, pints, patio, and dining are walk-in only.

Guided tasting reservations available Thurs- Sun.


Ironwood is a contemporary cider house located in scenic Niagara-on-the-Lake. We produce a diverse selection of artisanal ciders and award-winning fruit wines made in an unconventional manner to please the most curious minds. We welcome you to visit our ultra-modern facility, while enjoying our display of fine art and scenic orchard views.

Vick Naresh



Born in Mumbai, India, Vick immigrated to Canada in the early 2000’s on a technical scholarship and now lives and works in Hamilton, ON. His current body of work draws heavily from subconscious narratives that arise through everyday experiences which stir human emotion, as well as motifs and themes from nature. His work can be categorized as contemporary figurative art. Vick is profoundly interested in the classical resolution of digital art using traditional mediums and methods. His work involves merging innovative hi-tech processes with classical painting tropes to create digital art before resolving them with traditional painting techniques. This tug of war between the analogue and digital realms results in highlighting intricate inadequacies of digital art on traditional supports while also creating art with a marked digital influence. Vick has displayed works at the Art Gallery of Burlington, the ART Inc., sold to private collectors worldwide and has been featured in many international publications as an emerging artist.



(arrived), I come in peace is a reflection on the immigrant journey and its navigation of societal predispositions. It hopes to illustrate the often cliched trials in conformity and isolation experienced to fit into a new equivalent while the consensus of opinions remains unaware of an immigrant’s path to self-persistence. Ultimately it is the coherence of solitude in knowing one’s place in the universe that hopes to provide the recognition of a future on ‘arrival’ into a new reality.


This piece is an experimentation in layered juxtaposition of textures and mediums - finally arriving at a composition with many intricate parts. The bold colours and block shapes are representational of the polarity in ideas surrounding human led consumption & waste.